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What is in a name?

At Belac Homes our name is everything. Some people have asked if "BELAC" is a combination of our Smallwood family's first names Brian, ELizabeth, Abigail and Caleb. Others have pointed out that Belac is our first child's name "Caleb" spelled backwards. Regardless of where the name comes from, simply said, Belac Homes is our family taking care of yours.  You see, family is everything to us and we will treat you like we would our own.  Whether you are interested in a new home or remodel, Belac Homes is here to take care of you.


Brian has been a State Certified Residential Contractor (CRC#1328989) since 2006, and has been in the real estate and construction industry since 2003. During that time he has supervised projects both large and small. Remodeling projects range from a kitchen or bath remodel, to a whole house remodel of a 13,000 square foot mansion. Building projects have ranged from an 800 square foot guest house to a 3,000+ square foot custom home.

Whatever your project is, we are here to help!

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